Friday, 19 November 2010

the other side of your heart

1.if your man really loved you, then he would at least hide the *evidence* more adequately.or not be cheap and get me some lip salve

2. when you keep wanting to meet their friends, but they have more excuses that chav going to jail.

3. he spends less than half of his "free-time" with you, and never sleeps over

4. he acts nervous in public/or wont go out in public with you

5. when he calls you he whispers and calls you at strange times in the night.

6.he showers after every time you smoosh and makes sure he sprays himself after you touch him.

7.he tells you never to call his house

8.there is a strange woman calling you

9.there is a strange woman following you home

10.he tells you,that you shouldn't let imagination run wild

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Marry me Skerrit Bwoy

as well being heavy into metal, i bloody love me some DANCEHALL!

and major lazer is the king of perfectly balanced dancehall and electro

although these two Diplo and Switch make up major lazer ,skerrit bwoy is one part of the team and the most talented daggering dancer *sighs*

erm..... basically i love him, and if we ever lock eyes we will get down to da daggering


i want to be the mother of his children, and they will all have blonde mohawks and a smashing sense of style....

straight Mr T ting


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Kraftwerk - The Robots

if you know nothing then you must at least know of the work of kraftwerk, these guys were DECADES AHEAD of thier time!!

my daddy has their music on vinyl!

I AM NOT SELLING ANY OF THEM , they are way too priceless

now lets all do the arm up....slow robotic movements...


Monday, 13 September 2010

swollen vagina thingy explodes

i don't know what the fuck that fucking thing is all i can say is that it is very


now that you have seen this i hope you can poke it too!

enjoy your dinner


I love benga's afro in KatyB's video

obviously throughout the video benga's afro make several appearances and boy oh boy is it a fantastic specimen of what an afro should be and more. IT JUST SOOOO JOKE!!

ALSO, click >>>> katyB can sing really well!

and to buy the Single on the picture below

Besides 'Katy on a Mission', Katy has some big things in the pipeline as she provides vocals on the absolutely mental 'Hold Me' from The Count and Sinden's upcoming debut album "Mega Mega Mega" that drops tomorrow on Domino, a feature on Magnetic Man's track 'Perfect Stranger' as well as a collaboration with Ms. Dynamite, slated to appear on her own upcoming debut album.


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Dont leave in east London or you will morph into this

this pretty much sums up 90% of soho/camden/shoreditch

lol at how i know at least 10 man in this video, shame on you!


Thursday, 9 September 2010

How AMAZING is this video? erm.... SOOO Amazing

love a bit of cannibal corpse.....please sleep with me?


Monday, 6 September 2010

All your riffs are AMAZING

erm...ok people. you have here your template for a stoner playlist



The empty side of our Bed

most nights i lie
next to the mold
of your corpse
on the empty side
of our nest
the place where we
displayed our love
once loved
twice departed
lonely winter nights
boiling summer lights
i dream of you
back in your rightful
like a pawn
on a chessboard
i wait for your
next move

lost in nostalgia
i awake
that split second of bliss
where i forget to remember
then i am back to my future
far from our past
reminiscing the last
clutch of warmth
the last print of soul
on that empty side

this is an original poem by theladybyron, its about the night my aunt died and that i lost my faith


Sunday, 5 September 2010


Basically BITE nights are AMAZING and this Monday is going to be even better

the first time i went to this night i was sober and can honestly say, never have i ever had such a good night Stone Cold Sober.

the set was amazing , the people that were there WEREN'T Shoreditch rejects, or up-their-own-arse types. just cool people cool vibes and most importantly Air conditioned rooms!

Also they can get you in cheaper if you are a student and broke or shall we say money challenged as i am or free if you join there mailing list which i did BITE ME. and can get you insanely pissed for cheap....soo cheap ...cheaper than ANYWHERE ELSE IN LONDON here are some of the deals

2-4-1 on selected beer/wine = £1.25 per pint/glass
Teqkilla shotz = £1.50
Cocktail of the Week = £3.50
Sambucca = £2

£2.50 on selected beer/wine/house spirits
£3.50 double spirit + mixer

So come down tomorrow and every Monday!Byron says so....
i'm joking please go i need someone to dance with.

before you forget this is the Address

The Den
18 West Central St
London, United Kingdom


Us Pacers by Lupe,kanye & Pharrel

The most AMAZING song from 3 of the MOST TALENTED POETS of our time. not to mention the original song writer Thom Yorke.


Friday, 20 August 2010

makes shake all over

Amazing Classic song, i love it more than cherry pie

Boy not from the 'Hood'


i went out to Shoreditch last night.

Firstly, I wasted THREE FUCKING HOURS of my life , waiting in the queue at plastic people for the relaunch of the only good dubstep night in London FWD *my opinion I don't care if you like some night or some other shit Dub night , where everyone is under the age of 16*.

yes so i waited in the queue and bunch of what i can only describe as cunty suburban boys, that think they are hard because the listen to old school hip hop and wear leather man jackets with their hair shaved at the sides. Push in front of us, i mean REALLY now. THIS IS ENGLAND and we can bloody queue like WHAT THE FUCKETY WHERE THEY THINKING?


if my nephew tried to mug you, you would just piss in your pants , and he is 9. don't think you that just because you listen to Dizzy Rascal and now Big L, that your are push worthy or in any way 'Hood'.
firstly never in your life fucking push in front of me, i am easy going but I 100% HATE people with No manners,morals or good upbringing, it just brings out the SNOB in me , which i don't like doing, but for fucks sake cunty dude... how would you feel if you waited for three hours in the rain and windy weather only for some scene kid to push in front of you pretending to see their friend called "Corsa"

do you think I'm fucking stupid?

a) your friend has a ridiculous name, and...


so i caught the last cunty pusher and gave him a good telling of, i said , word for word @ cunty shoreditch boy line pusher
"do you think I'm fucking stupid mate, you friend doesn't exist, this queue is long and wide and you and your cunty friends are taking the piss,


I'm gonna let you pass only because the rest of you butters friends are already at the front , but TRY KNOW if any of you come by my way, I AIN'T HAVING IT, you get me..PRICK"

that's right folks theladybyron use incorrect grammar , because i was sooo pissed of , literally i find that more rude than being stabbed by a Prepubescent Peckham Person.

now jam you hype before i marry you, then divorce you and make you loose your family home in Chelsea because my lawyer is FAR better than yours.

push in front again and i will get Gary Coleman to come back from the dead and sucker punch you in the bollocks *it with in his reach*



Wednesday, 18 August 2010

im flying in my nike air jordans

i'm guessing their wives don't have to get on their knees for fellatio marathons , maybe i should marry one , it would do wonders for my arthritis

Before They Were Pros: Air Jordan Edition   Part 2

Air Jordan IV, V, XVII, & XVIII   Dissolved

Air Jordan III (3)   Andrew Jones PE Turf Trainer

oh , and one more thing....

Air Jordan Rare Air   Olympic | Available

actually fuck it i get enough im just being Jewish with my money again. when it come to air Jordans i usually really dislike them, and purely because it is just a BUTTERS shape for anything to go on your feet, it only succeeds i n making them look soo fekking huge, but these babies NEED me.... you don't understand ,the very soles of my feet crave to be with these Air Jordan Rare Air – ‘Olympic'


Camel anyone?

i did not believe that this product existed until i went on the site and ordered one....




and remember Gentlemen...

if its not a camel then it isn't worth riding!

Tickle me Loris

All right guys, this is THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN, i want one in a box or Christmas
but .........

i hope it dies in its sleep before new year, only because although those eyes are cute, they are also kinda creepy and i can already visualise me having nightmares of this thing trying to rape my ears as i sleep, with the same *vacant expression* on its face.


I wanna get naked and dance with doves too

Thursday, 15 July 2010


These are called Dr. Dooms and they are Bloody AMAZING!!!

Pweeeeety Pweeeez with a cherry on top, if you get me these I will love you FOREVER!!!


You Took The Best Of Me


Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Look at me: *you dont need to tell me Pharrel im already your #1 Stalker of FB

i love you pharelly welly, * dont be ashamed by my love name for you*




there you go, with your big bright red ass

i love this man and strangely im in need of a hard boiled egg

Cos all i fuck is chimps and orangutangs!


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Nike Air royal mid QS – Black Suede/Patent Leather

Nike Air Royal Mid QS   Black Suede/Patent Leather

Mayn these are on fire, i like the black on black patent. they are soooo cool and remind me of my church sneakers that my mum used to get me from matalan (when japanese fashion was hype), but of course like everything else, Nike does it so much better. WOOOOOOOOW.
i am going to get these and get my nails done to match and wear with my Black 'oreos' Baseball jacket.


Me? I'm Supa Dupa Fly

with These Nails i doubt anybody would suspect i'm a lesbian

despite the Gay nature of these nail (unicorns) i think that for any of these ladies to find a girlfriend , then that said woman would have to be the proud owner of a platinum lined pussy
all i can say is......


this song sends shivers down my spine

Personally i feel that Van She doesn't have a specified genre, and there is no other band like them, recently i've been listening to their old album and WOAAAW, stand still my beating heart.


Thursday, 27 May 2010


This Summers Soundtrack

Monday, 11 January 2010

i try to jerk off and it flops

i love jerk music , i just wished that more people in England could jerk, so that we could jerk together, instead of watching youtube, not that it doesn't help :

Sunday, 3 January 2010

long time coming

so you're lonely and have no one to listen to your bullshit anymore?
not even one person to befriend your so obviosly-socially-retarded-self?
even though everyone hates you and thinks your a bitch
we put up with you out of loyalty
fools reasoning really

your voice and inability to speak meakes me sick
yeah thats right i said it.
do you want to know why i have a different set of friends?
because my dear i have outgrown you,
and need new things to stimulate my mind
aside from your boring banter about shit garms
that you would never were unless someone on channel U *coughs* AKA wore it first

i dont care what you say
those dumb games i dont play
racially mock me
try to cock block me

just FUCK off and crawl into the dirt from whence you came?
yes im fair enough to not let it known your true name
your a sow, a sorry old cow
with no life but to bitch and moan
that other people can move forward without having to try as hard as you
just get over the fact that you have failed in educated means,
and because of your 50's morals
cannot make social circles of anyone above your own social class

VILE is thy nature
creature from ENVY!