Friday, 19 November 2010

the other side of your heart

1.if your man really loved you, then he would at least hide the *evidence* more adequately.or not be cheap and get me some lip salve

2. when you keep wanting to meet their friends, but they have more excuses that chav going to jail.

3. he spends less than half of his "free-time" with you, and never sleeps over

4. he acts nervous in public/or wont go out in public with you

5. when he calls you he whispers and calls you at strange times in the night.

6.he showers after every time you smoosh and makes sure he sprays himself after you touch him.

7.he tells you never to call his house

8.there is a strange woman calling you

9.there is a strange woman following you home

10.he tells you,that you shouldn't let imagination run wild