Sunday, 3 January 2010

long time coming

so you're lonely and have no one to listen to your bullshit anymore?
not even one person to befriend your so obviosly-socially-retarded-self?
even though everyone hates you and thinks your a bitch
we put up with you out of loyalty
fools reasoning really

your voice and inability to speak meakes me sick
yeah thats right i said it.
do you want to know why i have a different set of friends?
because my dear i have outgrown you,
and need new things to stimulate my mind
aside from your boring banter about shit garms
that you would never were unless someone on channel U *coughs* AKA wore it first

i dont care what you say
those dumb games i dont play
racially mock me
try to cock block me

just FUCK off and crawl into the dirt from whence you came?
yes im fair enough to not let it known your true name
your a sow, a sorry old cow
with no life but to bitch and moan
that other people can move forward without having to try as hard as you
just get over the fact that you have failed in educated means,
and because of your 50's morals
cannot make social circles of anyone above your own social class

VILE is thy nature
creature from ENVY!


1 comment:

  1. Interestin'. I can feel that you use this blog to really vent. Nice.