Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Byron loves : S.L.U.T.S

The best thing I can think of when im bored is how funny my Sweet Little Unforgettable Thespian friend is. He is the biggest slag this side of the river and gets away with it because he has a weiner, i'm like WTF? FML! if you get to shag who the fuck you want to and get head in public and nobody blinks an eye. its SOO NOT FAIR :(. Now now i am not saying everyone should be a slut ,but EVERYONE DOES HAVE SLUTTISH TENDANCIES, that is a FACT of LIFE.

I hate that part of singleton life where you can't openly tell someone you want to fuck them or get fucked by them without having to be "excluive" with them, I mean what is the world coming to when you cant even sleep around for practice? *misses the sixties*. I suppose the fear that most chicas have is of feeling so exposed . Dudes bitch and gossip just as much as chicks,and even the nicest looking guy can turn out to be the biggest cunt and will exaggerate whatever sexual escapades occured between YOU and his non existant penis.

Anyway back to sluts.They have this " i dont give a shit, i will have sexy time with who i want, because hey im just being ME" good for you Slutsy Malone! in a sense they have the type of freedom that slaves had to fight for. If you are not true to yourself then who can you be real with..the gods? like they ever gave a shit about you , remember the time they let that sleasy indie guy give you the clap and when your heart nearly stopped when that girl confessed to NOT being a virgin. However, sluts do have a tendency of being loved and then fucking it up to continue there sluttish ways, remember "slutsy malone" is just a default, when you find someone that still likes you even though your a slut , its time to hang up the free love tee.

Slutty virgins are like an Oxymoronic of the BNP's mandate of NOT being "officially racist" but "almost" being there.Like whats the point of being an undercover "technical slut" it sucks BIGTIME ( like slutty virgins) i mean what would your mother think of you now your tainted? she would rather you bled crimson than have dried cum on your mouth...... right?

Slutty Hippy Mothers are THE BEST kind of slut, giving hypocritical advice to there 5 kids all with different fathers-who-shall-never-be-named-and-they-new-toy-boy-who-is-just-5-years-older-than-her-eldest-son. YES people,Slutty mums dress the best and try to not age gracefully,they are MILITANT when it comes to MAKE-UP and truly rage against the dying of the night. You can party into next tuesday with these women adn YOU will be the only one in the corner falling asleep ashamed because you have been out danced and out drugged by a 42 year old woman who's nic-name is "Mama Cass"