Friday, 19 November 2010

the other side of your heart

1.if your man really loved you, then he would at least hide the *evidence* more adequately.or not be cheap and get me some lip salve

2. when you keep wanting to meet their friends, but they have more excuses that chav going to jail.

3. he spends less than half of his "free-time" with you, and never sleeps over

4. he acts nervous in public/or wont go out in public with you

5. when he calls you he whispers and calls you at strange times in the night.

6.he showers after every time you smoosh and makes sure he sprays himself after you touch him.

7.he tells you never to call his house

8.there is a strange woman calling you

9.there is a strange woman following you home

10.he tells you,that you shouldn't let imagination run wild

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Marry me Skerrit Bwoy

as well being heavy into metal, i bloody love me some DANCEHALL!

and major lazer is the king of perfectly balanced dancehall and electro

although these two Diplo and Switch make up major lazer ,skerrit bwoy is one part of the team and the most talented daggering dancer *sighs*

erm..... basically i love him, and if we ever lock eyes we will get down to da daggering


i want to be the mother of his children, and they will all have blonde mohawks and a smashing sense of style....

straight Mr T ting


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Kraftwerk - The Robots

if you know nothing then you must at least know of the work of kraftwerk, these guys were DECADES AHEAD of thier time!!

my daddy has their music on vinyl!

I AM NOT SELLING ANY OF THEM , they are way too priceless

now lets all do the arm up....slow robotic movements...


Monday, 13 September 2010

swollen vagina thingy explodes

i don't know what the fuck that fucking thing is all i can say is that it is very


now that you have seen this i hope you can poke it too!

enjoy your dinner


I love benga's afro in KatyB's video

obviously throughout the video benga's afro make several appearances and boy oh boy is it a fantastic specimen of what an afro should be and more. IT JUST SOOOO JOKE!!

ALSO, click >>>> katyB can sing really well!

and to buy the Single on the picture below

Besides 'Katy on a Mission', Katy has some big things in the pipeline as she provides vocals on the absolutely mental 'Hold Me' from The Count and Sinden's upcoming debut album "Mega Mega Mega" that drops tomorrow on Domino, a feature on Magnetic Man's track 'Perfect Stranger' as well as a collaboration with Ms. Dynamite, slated to appear on her own upcoming debut album.


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Dont leave in east London or you will morph into this

this pretty much sums up 90% of soho/camden/shoreditch

lol at how i know at least 10 man in this video, shame on you!


Thursday, 9 September 2010

How AMAZING is this video? erm.... SOOO Amazing

love a bit of cannibal corpse.....please sleep with me?


Monday, 6 September 2010

All your riffs are AMAZING

erm...ok people. you have here your template for a stoner playlist



The empty side of our Bed

most nights i lie
next to the mold
of your corpse
on the empty side
of our nest
the place where we
displayed our love
once loved
twice departed
lonely winter nights
boiling summer lights
i dream of you
back in your rightful
like a pawn
on a chessboard
i wait for your
next move

lost in nostalgia
i awake
that split second of bliss
where i forget to remember
then i am back to my future
far from our past
reminiscing the last
clutch of warmth
the last print of soul
on that empty side

this is an original poem by theladybyron, its about the night my aunt died and that i lost my faith