Friday, 20 August 2010

Boy not from the 'Hood'


i went out to Shoreditch last night.

Firstly, I wasted THREE FUCKING HOURS of my life , waiting in the queue at plastic people for the relaunch of the only good dubstep night in London FWD *my opinion I don't care if you like some night or some other shit Dub night , where everyone is under the age of 16*.

yes so i waited in the queue and bunch of what i can only describe as cunty suburban boys, that think they are hard because the listen to old school hip hop and wear leather man jackets with their hair shaved at the sides. Push in front of us, i mean REALLY now. THIS IS ENGLAND and we can bloody queue like WHAT THE FUCKETY WHERE THEY THINKING?


if my nephew tried to mug you, you would just piss in your pants , and he is 9. don't think you that just because you listen to Dizzy Rascal and now Big L, that your are push worthy or in any way 'Hood'.
firstly never in your life fucking push in front of me, i am easy going but I 100% HATE people with No manners,morals or good upbringing, it just brings out the SNOB in me , which i don't like doing, but for fucks sake cunty dude... how would you feel if you waited for three hours in the rain and windy weather only for some scene kid to push in front of you pretending to see their friend called "Corsa"

do you think I'm fucking stupid?

a) your friend has a ridiculous name, and...


so i caught the last cunty pusher and gave him a good telling of, i said , word for word @ cunty shoreditch boy line pusher
"do you think I'm fucking stupid mate, you friend doesn't exist, this queue is long and wide and you and your cunty friends are taking the piss,


I'm gonna let you pass only because the rest of you butters friends are already at the front , but TRY KNOW if any of you come by my way, I AIN'T HAVING IT, you get me..PRICK"

that's right folks theladybyron use incorrect grammar , because i was sooo pissed of , literally i find that more rude than being stabbed by a Prepubescent Peckham Person.

now jam you hype before i marry you, then divorce you and make you loose your family home in Chelsea because my lawyer is FAR better than yours.

push in front again and i will get Gary Coleman to come back from the dead and sucker punch you in the bollocks *it with in his reach*



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