Sunday, 27 September 2009

Tales of the stoned hair stylist

the other day as i was subsequently "rolling" with my homie marli, we decided to go shopping first- then dye his hair- then get "high". however the order of those events changed and we ended up getting high before all of that shit and were too monged out to do the lot .As the stoners theory on bag carrying is to carry only enough so that you can still hold the spliff. That aside and back to his, i ended up dying his face instead of his hair and getting verbal abuse from him "byron what the fuck are you doing, its on my fucking belly you fucking idiot!". monged and confused i swilled finished another spilff and broke his window *accidently though :)* then one the way home i was listening to giggs on the bus in good old Brixtonia and thought "what is my life coming to" befor a crack salesman tried his pitch on me,however i was not amused.

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