Monday, 28 September 2009

Blinking Pigs

im sure there are still a few people out there who haven't herd of little dragon and if you are one of them CHECK THEM OUT :).this lead singer is SUPER SUPER cute and has an A-MAZING voice ..seriously though she really does!. the first i heard from them was "twice" however being the dub head i am , i heard the 16bit remix to it, but thought "hey...this song can hold its own I don't think it needs a remix" so I wikipedia'd *little dragon* and found out that I was obsessed with them and that they are based in gothenburg ,Sweden, the lead singer is half Swedish and half Japanese and called Yukimi Nagano, how much does her name want you to pronounce-it-correctly?

OK so I found out that the "twice song " is like 3 years old and still A-MAZING, there 2007 debut album is called "little dragon" and there new album is called "machine dreams". they have like an electric/acoustic sound and are quite possibly the best comedown cure (musically anyway) that I have ever had.

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